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Validation of the company name


Preparation of the articles of incorporation


 Preparation of the certification of incorporation 


 Preparation of the articles of association


Preperation of appointments with German authorities


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 Finalization of the certificate of incorporation with the German notary


Registration at the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce


 Registration of the new German Ltd. at the local trade offices


 Reception of the German limited's unique German VAT number


Activation of a German corpoate bank account


All required services are included to stay compliant in Germany!

What's in the box


Registration of the managing director in Germany


Accounting of monthly business activities


Monthly payroll accounting and finalizing monthly payroll slips


Maintaining a German company office address


Virtual office services for your new German Ltd.


Regular touch-points to help your German Ltd. to grow within and across the European markets


Use Incorporation.Cloud to configure your very own German GmbH. Simply purchase the GmbH online and we will take care of the complete incorporation process. Within 3-4 business weeks you will receive a notification from us that your new GmbH is registered. Once incorporated, you can immediately use your new German Tax ID to engage in business transactions within and across European markets.

Staying compliant

The accounting service will allow you to simply submit your invoices and expenses to us. Once received, we will process your business transactions enabling us to share your monthly accounting stamentents directly with the German authorities. In addition, you will receive your monthly accounting report directly in your inbox. Our accounting service helps you to stay compliant in Germany while growing your business.

Virtual office

Every registered company in Germany needs to have an official company address. With our virtual office services we will manage a physical office address in Germany for you. Typically German authorities will still send you official communication in a traditional way. We will receive your mail to share it digitally with you in your inbox. In addition, we provide recommendations with regard to the actions you should undertake in order to stay compliant in Germany. This will allow you to stay on top of the administrative side of your business.

Run your monthly payroll

Payroll is a complex topic, espcially when it comes to unknown rules and regulations. You can optionally subscribe to our monthly payroll service whenever you believe the time is right for your company. Our monthly payroll service allows you to smoothly run your monhtly payroll in Germany and to orchestrate payouts to German authorities, as well as your employees in time. Approve the monthly payroll reports, once processed by us and share all monthly payroll slips with your individual employees by simply clicking a button. 

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