The Client

QueryNow is specialized in building socially structured intranets and end to end business solutions, leveraging Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Office 365. QueryNow with offices in Germany, India and the US helps companies to realize a digital world that enables seamless collaboration, asset/content search and management for increased productivity of its workforce.

The company is specialized in translating concepts into concrete SharePoint applications with solid knowledge of SharePoint, QueryNow provides a one stop solution for employees to access the corporate assets and policies, related to their area of work, integrated with document management and other business solutions to render a holistic view of the corporate structure.

The company has been active here in Germany since 2014 and has been steadily increasing its revenue. Germany is used as the central hub in Europe for their entire European business operations since from here the company is in a better position to approach many European countries and customers. QueryNow counts SME’s as well as international enterprises among its customers.

Business Challenge

As a result of market analysis and previous consulting work for customers in the European market, QueryNow identified Germany as the starting point for their further European operations and planned to establish a local office in Germany. They were seeking a local partner to support them in setting up their branch office in Germany. In order to use the German office as Headquarters for its European operations, the company needed an appropriate structure and business set up.

After incorporating a GmbH (German Limited company), QueryNow required accounting services which allowed the company to integrate the accounting figures from three different locations (USA, India and Germany) into one monthly company report.

Furthermore, QueryNow GmbH needed support in hiring foreign expats and issuing these with accurate working contracts. Along with that, the company needed support in creating and evaluating work permits and residence visas for its own employees and hiring engineers.

Questions to be considered:

  • How to evaluate and define the right business structure to start business operations in Germany and the greater European market?
  • What is the best way for this type of company to approach the European market?
  • How are HR specific regulations to be defined and what would have to be considered when employing new staff?*
  • How would local financial controlling be set up in order to integrate the American, Indian and German accounts into one monthly report?

Our Approach

Consultinghouse assisted QueryNow in determining the structural conditions of the new company. After these were in place, we guided them through the set up process of their German subsidiary and established the company in Bavaria. Out of its Frankfurt office, Consultinghouse delivered all the services required from preparation up to finalization from one source and managed all local regulations and requirements in Germany to ensure that QueryNow GmbH stayed compliant with German law.

Before the new incorporated company was fully registered and had started its operational business, Consultinghouse provided a solution for the consolidation and monitoring of the financial accounting systems from the US, Indian and German offices. Along with this, and in conjunction with the management of QueryNow, Consultinghouse defined a long-term HR strategy, as it is planned to increase the number of employees in the future. Our legal partner Counselhouse manages the immigration of foreign experts to Germany and helps the company to stay compliant with HR specific regulations in Germany.

During the day-to-day operations, Consultinghouse provides QueryNow with ongoing maintenance services, which are required by the German authorities on a monthly basis. This helps the company to stay compliant with German statutory law and to fully concentrate on developing high end SharePoint applications.

The Outcome

Consultinghouse has successfully designed the process of business incorporation and personally guided the company throughout the establishment of their local office. The Consultinghouse advisory team has provided relevant strategic advice across various fundamental areas such as market entry, HR and Accounting.

By acquiring the services offered by Consultinghouse, QueryNow have received professional services and credible information to attain their companies' vision, especially in increasing the number of employees in the German office, based on their long-term HR strategy.

Having the maintenance and statutory office address at Consultinghouse in Frankfurt means that QueryNow doesn’t need to worry about penalties or missing deadlines. This gives the company security and they can fully concentrate on their core business.

Since the new GmbH started its business operations in Germany the company has continuously been able to develop its business in the European market while Consultinghouse has provided strong guidance on the strategy as well as on the operational side.

For more information about QueryNow, please visit www.querynow.com.

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